Tuesday, August 2, 2011


After several years of talking about food to anyone who pretends to listen, stalking numerous chefs and their cuisine, capturing said cuisine via horrific cell phone pictures, and consuming far more calories than a normal person with a still-existing waistline should be able to, I created this blog. After several more months, I've mustered the gumption to actually write something in said blog.

To introduce myself, I'll start with a list. Get used to lists. 
  • Demographics: mid-twenty something SWF in NW DC, 2 cats, no kids. 
  • Education: 3 1/2 degrees from schools by the beach, chicken production plants, and swamps. 
  • Employment: full-time public health researcher, part-time graduate student (for life), full-time unpaid critic & tongue-wagger. 
  • Loves: bacon, bourbon, good music, cello, grammar, running, recovery from injuries. 
  • Hates: feet, slow walkers, ignorance, shitty coffee, poor service. 
Basically, I have a voracious appetite for quality and passion in food and in life.For further information, please refer to: http://district365.com/dc-food-bloggers-survey-results. While not my work, this is a reasonably accurate depiction of who I am and what to expect for the next however long until I get bored with writing to only myself. 

In closing, I prefer my eggs poached.